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Domain Types

also known as Top-Level and Second-Level Domains (TLDs and SLDs)
Type Typical use
UK commercial
European commercial
USA commercial
International commercial
Not-for-profit organisations
.info Specialist information sources
.mobi Accessible from mobile phones, PDAs, etc.
Internet Service Providers (ISP)

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Domain Names

Domain Type New Registration Renewal Transfer to us
.co.uk Free
.ltd.uk Free
.me.uk Free
.net.uk Free
.org.uk Free
.plc.uk Free
.eu.com Free
.eu.net Free
.gb.com Free
.gb.net Free
.uk.com Free
.uk.net Free
.us.com Free

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Domain names can be registered within minutes and we offer risk-free domain name searches. What's the risk? Have a look at the results of this Google search (opens a new window) Google: stealing domain names you search for.
Once you register a domain name it becomes your property. You can do one of three things with it:
  • you can use it as the address of a web site and for email,
  • you can point it to another web site so that so that web visitors are redirected there - whilst still using the original domain name for email,
  • or you can park it and just use it for email.

You can transfer domain names into and out of our control - they are your property, we just look after them for you. We do not charge to release a domain to your control or to another internet service provider. Transferring a domain name into our administration is easy and FREE (except for .eu domains). Also note that if you transfer a .biz, .com, .info, .mobi, .name, .net, .org or .us domain name into our administration, the registrars (that is the issuing authority, not us) require that the domain name registration is extended for an additional year.

With the exception of .eu domains, all new domains must be registered for a minimum of 2 years.

To register a  .ltd.uk  or  .plc.uk  domain name it must match the registered company name. For example 'The Company Ltd' can be registered as the-company.ltd.uk or the-company.plc.uk. The registrant details must be the registered company name. We will also require the company’s UK registration number.

All domain transfers assume there are no outstanding naming authority fees and no additional charges imposed by the naming authority.

Late renewals: If you request the renewal of a domain after the domain registration expiry date an admin charge of £30.00 +VAT will be payable. This is in addition to any other naming authority charges that maybe incurred in the renewal of an expired domain. This admin fee is chargeable whether or not we are successful in renewing the domain.

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